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Bhadon is the sixth month of desi calendar and it coincides with August-September. It starts after the Sawan month from 16th August to 14th September. Just like sawan it is also a rainy month. Rains and floods occur in this month. Weather is normal, days are hot and humid while nights are cool. All living things are happy because of pleasant weather of this month. It is a popular month as season changes in it, Summer ends and fall starts. Like other living things plants are also very happy because heat of summer is now ended and a very pleasant weather starts. Cool breeze blows and climate is favorable for growth of plants, seeds germination, seedling growth and blooming of many plants. This is also a good time to multiply plants by cuttings. Although this is a pleasant month but it become unpleasant if there no cool breeze, the days become hot and if rainfall occur too much it causes a lot of damage to plants and also affect all living things. Overall it is a good month of the year due to its weather condition.

Plants of the Month

Golden Trumpet Vine:

It is known as Common Allamanda, a flowering plant commonly seen as a landscape ornamental in tropical locations. These beautiful plants with large, fragrant, deep golden yellow flowers. It’s leaves and flowers are used in medicines and it is also very helpful to treat asth

Neem Tree:

A fast-growing tree that can reach a height of 15–20 m, and rarely 35–40 m. It is deciduous, shedding many of its leaves during the dry winter months. The branches are wide and spreading. The fairly dense crown is roundish. It can be grown as landscape ornamentals in residential backyards and municipal sidewalks. Neem leaf is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, fever, diabetes, gum disease, and liver problems, having it’s juice on a regular basis will help you achieve a clean stomach and will improve your metabolism.


A many-branched, somewhat sprawling plant that features 4” wide rounded clusters of star-shaped flowers. Elliptic to lanceolate dark green leaves, it will grow in partial shade but an area that gets full sun or at least 6 hours of bright sunlight every day is best. Pentas are grown primarily as ornamentals. Pentas leaves and roots are used as the herbal treatment. It is a great bedding and container plants, very popular as an ornamental and potted plant.

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