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Amaltas (املتاس)


  • Scientific Name: Cassia Fistula
  • Common Name: Golden Shower Tree, Purging Cassia, Indian Laburnum, Or Pudding-Pipe Tree
  • Description: Amaltas is a deciduous large tree. It is usually medium-sized growing to a height of 25 cm. It has alternate smooth, ovate-shaped, hairy, pinnate, leaves, with 4-8 leaflets on either side, fruits in the form of pendulous, cylindrical, indehiscent pods bearing 20-25 shiny black, seeds.
  • Uses: It can be grown as an ornamental tree. They are specially used in joint pain, migraine, chest pain and blood dysentery.
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Blooming TimeMay-July
Soil RequirementThough they grow in almost any soil, but do best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
Environment It will grow well in dry climates. Growth for this tree is best in full sun  It will tolerate light brief frost, but can get damaged if the cold persists.
WateringWater this for the first year after planting. Established plants only require irrigation during dry periods when the soil begins to dry out completely. Water potted cassia when the top 1 inch of soil feels dry.



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