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  • Scientific Name:Hippeastrum genus
  • Common Name:Amaryllis, Belladonna lilies, Jersey lily, Naked lady
  • Description:Amaryllis is a bulbous plant, with each bulb being 5-10cm in diameter. It has several strap-shaped, green leaves with midrib,30-35cm long and 2-3cm broad, arranged in two rows. They are forced indoors for their large, spec angular blooms during winter.
  • Uses:Their leaves and bulbs contain an alkaloid used as an antitumor, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and other healing property. It will enhance the look of your garden.
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Soil RequirementA well-drained, sterilized potting medium with soil pH (6.0-6.5).
EnvironmentIt grows best indoors in a well-lighted area and receives at least four hours of direct sunlight daily.
WateringOnly Water when the upper layer of soil is dry. Over-watering will ruin the bulb.


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