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Araucaria (ایرو کیرا)


  • Scientific Name: Araucaria Araucana
  • Common Name: Monkey puzzles
  • Description: Araucaria are mainly large trees with a massive erect stem, reaching a height of 5–80 m. The genus is familiar to many people as the genus of the distinctive Chilean pine or monkey-puzzle tree.
  • Uses: They make attractive groves and are happily at home in containers indoors and outdoor. Plants to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air.
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Soil RequirementThey prefer light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and prefers well-drained moist soil.
EnvironmentThese plants can neither tolerate very high temperatures, nor very cold.  The ideal temperature range during the warm period is nothing above 20°C. Wintertime between 10 -15°C.
WateringWater araucaria to down to one-and-a-half inches once per week.



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