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Aster (آسٹر کا پھول)


  • Scientific Name: Aster Amellus
  • Common Name: Michaelmas Daisy, Italian Aster
  • Description: They have large star-shaped flowers that are bright purple-pink with striking yellow centers. Sprays of bright flowers provide plenty of color to a garden late in the season. You can expect the aster stems to grow up to 2 ft. tall and have a spread of between 1 and 2 ft.
  • Uses: It can be grown in containers, used as edging along pathways or borders, or massed in displays. It protects soil from erosion.


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Blooming TimeAug-Nov
SeasonsLate Summer-Winter
Soil RequirementSoil should be moist but well-drained, and loamy.
EnvoirnmentAsters prefer climates with cool, moist summers especially cool night temperatures. In warmer climates, plant asters in areas that avoid the hot mid-day sun. Select a site with full to partial sun.
WateringWater abundantly (without watering) so that the soil is always wet.




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