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Bakain (بکائن)


  • Scientific Name: Melia Azedarach
  • Common Name: Dek, Darek, Betain, Bakaraja, Chinaberry Tree, Pride Of India, Bead-Tree, Cape Lilac, Syringa Berrytree, Persian Lilac, Indian Lilac, Or White Cedar.
  • Description: It has alternate, compound leaves with toothed leaflets that are dark green on top and light green underneath. Its small, fragrant flowers are light purple with a dark center and grow in ball-like masses with each having five pale purple petals.
  • Uses: It can be grown as an ornamental tree. used to control diabetes mellitus and various gastrointestinal disorders.
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Blooming TimeApril-June
Soil RequirementThough they grow in almost any soil, but do best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
Environment It will grow well in dry climates. Growth for this tree is best in full sun  It will tolerate light brief frost, but can get damaged if the cold persists.
WateringWater this for the first year after planting. Established plants only require irrigation during dry periods when the soil begins to dry out completely. Water potted cassia when the top 1 inch of soil feels dry.



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