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Bird’s-nest Fern


  • Scientific Name: Asplenium nidus
  • Common Name: Bird’s-nest Fern, Nest Fern
  • Description: Asplenium is a slow-growing, epiphytic fern. Leaves arranged in a circular pattern which resemble a bird’s nest It has simple, strap-shaped, glossy, bright apple green fronds with contrasting dark brown to black midribs and undulating margins. Fronds spread upward and outward to form a vase-shaped, green rosette with a nest-like center. Mature fronds of this plant grow 4-5 ft long and 8 inches wide.
  • Uses: Bird’s-nest fern is a popular houseplant for indoor areas with good indirect light and high humidity. Its leaves can be pounded in water and used as a lotion to treat fever. This plant removes containments from the air. Bird’s nest ferns have relatively low-maintenance and won’t need repotting very often. Plant an attractive shape that looks wonderful on a table, shelf, or in a hanging container. Can be used in a mixed indoor arrangement.
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SeasonsAll Seasons
Soil RequirementThey require rich soil that should be kept uniformly moist. It grows best in porous and well-draining soil in a container with holes for drainage. The optimal soil pH for a bird’s nest fern is 5.
EnvironmentThey do best in little warm, humid climates and prefer filtered sunlight and shade. The general temperature range is between 15-30 0C. If grown indoor room temperature should between 18-24ºC are perfect, and no lower than 13ºC.
WateringWater whenever the top inch of soil is dry, prefer a consistent amount of soil moisture, but they don’t do well sitting in soggy soil. Don’t water directly into the center of fern, but instead, water around it


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