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Ground Covers

Brass Button (برا س بٹن)


  • Scientific Name: Leptinella Squalida
  • Common Name: Cotula, Brass buttons, Button Weed, Golden Buttons.       
  • Description: It is a rhizomatous, mat-forming perennial that grows to only 2” tall but spreads indefinitely by runners. Button-like yellow flowers in early summer are followed by tiny fruit.
  • Uses: It can be used as a low traffic lawn and is a great low maintenance ground cover.
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Blooming TimeSpring
Soil RequirementIt prefers acidic, loamy soil rich in organic matter, but adapts to many other soil types.
EnvironmentBrass buttons does best in full sun in cooler climates, but needs part shade in hotter climates.
WateringIt is not drought tolerant and needs regular watering, especially on light soils.



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