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Candle Bush


  • Scientific Name:Senna alata
  • Common Name:Ringworm Bush, Seven Golden Candlesticks, Cassia
  • Description:Candle bush is grown as an ornamental. It prefers open areas and sunlight. Usually form thickets and grow along roadsides, in old abandoned fields, and weedy localities. This plant is particularly aggressive in areas with a high water table. Candle bush has vast leaves with numerous pairs of leaflets. The large leaflets have rounded or slightly notched tips.
  • Uses:The home garden uses it as an ornamental plant. It also looks beautiful outside the house in the green belt area. It will enhance the look of the park and green belt.
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Blooming TimeJuly-November
Soil RequirementThey grow well in rich and well-drained soil. Avoid too much nitrogen, opting for a complete fertilizer. It prefers sandy, loamy, and clay soils with mildly alkaline ph.
EnvironmentIt grows best in any well-drained, sunny site. They grow well in full sun.
WateringWater the plant weekly to supply at least a half inch of water and moisten the soil.


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