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Common Bamboo (بانس)


  • Scientific Name:  Bambusa Vulgaris
  • Common Name: Common Bamboo, baans
  • Description:  It forms moderately loose clumps and has no thorns. It has lemon-yellow culms (stems) with green stripes and dark green leaves. Stems are not straight, not easy to split, inflexible, thick-walled, and initially strong.
  • Uses: Widely planted for commercial purpose and used for a variety of purposes, primarily for use in light construction such as houses, huts, boats.
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Soil RequirementBamboo plants also like to have fertile, slightly acidic, well drained but moist soil.
Environment The bamboo plantation grows well in hot to warm temperate climatic conditions.
WateringBamboo does best if it gets at least 1 inch of water a week, either from rainfall or manual watering. Water bamboo deeply to encourage deep roots, which will help protect your bamboo from drought.



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