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Conocorpus (کو نو کارپس)


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  • Scientific Name: Conocarpus Erectus
  • Common Name: Cono
  • Description: This low-branching, multi-trunked, shrubby, evergreen tree has beautiful silvery leaves due to silky hairs which cover the leaf surface. The inconspicuous, small, greenish flowers appear in dense cone-like heads in terminal panicles in spring and are followed by 1.5 inch, cone-like, red-brown fruits.
  • Uses: Durable in water, it is used for barges, boats, and maritime construction. 
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Soil RequirementTolerant of a wide variety of soils including poor soils.
EnvironmentThe Conocarpus grows well in hot to warm temperate climatic conditions.
WateringShould receive about 20 gallons of water a week during drought periods.



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