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Elephant Ear


  • Scientific Name: Colocasia Esculenta
  • Common Name: Taro, Elephant Ear, Alocasia 
  • Description: Elephant’s Ear is a robust perennial plant with a large corm on or just below the ground surface and it has very large, heart-shaped leaves that are borne on thick stalks. It can be grown in large containers or outside in the ground all year-round in subtropical and tropical areas.
  • Uses: Excellent Air Purifier, to treat insect stings, the stem leaf can be cut and rubbed on the affected area to prevent swelling and pain. Can be used as background plants, ground covers, or edging, especially around ponds, along walkways, or patio enclosures. Many are even well adapted to growing in containers in indoor locations.
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Soil RequirementElephant ears need rich soil that is moist (not saturated), but well-drained.
EnvironmentElephant ears will only truly thrive in warmer areas similar to their native humid climates of Southeast Asia, and with daytime temperatures of 70 to 85°F, and nights no lower than 60°F. They can be grown in cooler areas, but will need to be replanted each year.
WateringElephant ears require regular watering especially throughout the growing season. Both indoor and outdoor elephant ears require about 2 – 3 inches of water per week.



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