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Kachnar (کچنار)


  • Scientific Name: Bauhinia Variegata
  • Common Name: Kachnar, Kachnal, Camel’s Foot Tree
  • Description: Kachnar is a deciduous tree of small to medium sized height up to 15m with spreading crown and a short bole. Twigs of the tree are slender, Leaves of the tree are bi-lobed with minute stipules. Leaves of the plant are just like camel’s hoof print, Flowers are reminiscent of showy orchids.
  • Uses: It is widely used as an ingredient in many subcontinent recipes. Traditional kachnar curry is prepared using kachnar buds, yogurt, onions and native spices. The decoction of the leaves to allay headaches in malarial fever.
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Soil RequirementThe plant prefers fertile, well drained but moisture retentive soil.
EnvironmentBauhinia can survive in full sun to partial shade.
WateringThe plant prefers fertile, well drained but moisture retentive soil.



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