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Murraya (مروا)


  • Scientific Name: Murraya Paniculata
  • Common Name: Orange Jasmine, Murraya
  • Description: Murraya is a slow growing beautiful shrub which is mostly available in tropical and subtropical areas. It produces white, showy and fragrant flowers. It has smooth bark, pinnate leaves with up to seven egg-shaped to elliptical leaflets. Murraya is a genus of flowering plants in the citrus family.
  • Uses: It is widely used as a hedge plant. The ground bark of stem is used as antidote in snake bites while ground root is used to cure body ache. 
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Blooming TimeMay-June
Soil RequirementGrows well in loamy, moist, rich, sandy, well-drained soil.
EnvironmentMurraya is a hot climate plant and so does prefer full sun but part shade is ok too.
WateringWater your murraya hedge deeply but less frequently, instead of frequent light watering. Wait until the soil dries, during hot and dry weather, your murraya hedge needs more water.



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