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  • Scientific Name:Euphorbia tithymaloides,Pedilanthus tithymaloides
  • Common Name:Redbird flower plant,Red cactus,Jewbush.
  • Description:Naagdon is a perennial shrub plant.Naagdon is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes due to its attractive flowers and foliage.The plant is taller and has more biomass if it is well-watered.It grows up to 6-8 feet  in height.The flower is void of scent.It grows through stem cuttings.It is the best medicinal Herb.
  • Uses:It is a good addition as a medicinal plant in the home garden.It has a lot of therapeutic use, like stopping abnormal bleeding from any body part such as in piles,periods and colitis, etc.
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Soil RequirementIt prefers well-drained and nutrient-rich sandy soil,particularly with higher concentrations of Boron,Copper, and Iron.
EnvironmentIt requires bright and direct sunlight area,and also can survive in partial shade.
WateringWater the Naagdon plant once a week is enough.


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