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  • Scientific Name:Tropaeolum majus
  • Common Name:Indian cress, Nose-twister
  • Description:Nasturtium is a genus of flowering plants. The brilliant yellow, orange, or red flowers are funnel-shaped and have a long spur that contains sweet nectar. It is an easy-grow and warm seasonal, annual plant. To make overwintering easy, grow nasturtium in pots or window boxes.
  • Uses:It is used for medicinal purposes such as respiratory system diseases, diabetes, oxidative stress, asthma, and immune deficiency.
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Blooming TimeJuly-November
Soil RequirementIt will grow best in sandy or loamy soil with pH (6.1-7.8).
EnvironmentNasturtium grow in full sun but do better in semi-shade.
WateringWater the plant once or twice a week.


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