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Neem Oil

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How to Use:

  • When adding neem oil, keep stirring the water.
  • Pour this solution into a spray bottle.
  • Keep stirring during the spray.
  • Use this solution within eight hours
  • In case of a severe attack, continue spraying the neem oil after one week until the disease is gone.

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  • Get rid of pests from your garden, lawn, and crops without poison.
  • Protect your plants from pest attacks.
  • The timely application of neem oil prevents pests from attacking the plants and makes each plant healthy.
  • It is helpful for the permanent elimination of many insects and fungi and also protects against environmental pollution.

Function and Benefits:

  • It is used on fruits, vegetables, and flowers without fear.
  • Its effect is 4–22 days in land and 45 minutes to 4 days in water.
  • Using it in the soil reaches the plant through the roots.
  • Due to its effect, the insects stop or reduce attacks on the plant.
  • The spread of insect eggs is stopped, and the power of the insect is lost.
  • Neem oil penetrates the respiratory tract of certain insects and kills them.
  • Its application is ideal for eliminating mites.
  • It is used to prevent fungi, mildew and rust.

Method of Application:

  • For 1 acre:
  • 500ml of neem oil
  • 100 liters of water
  • For lawn:
  • 1ml of neem oil
  • 100ml of water
  • 2.5ml of neem oil
  • 250ml of water


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