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Night Bloom Jasmine


  • Scientific Name: Cestrum Nocturnum
  • Common Name: Night bloom Jasmine, Rat Ki Rani
  • Description: An evergreen woody shrub with slender branches growing to (13 ft) tall. The plant is hairy with weak downy hairs and heavily foliated. The leaves are simple, narrow, smooth and glossy, with an entire margin.
  • Uses: It is also used as a hedge plant and cultivated as a medicinal plant. The medicinal properties of night blooming jasmine include antioxidant and antifungal.


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Blooming TimeMay-September
Soil RequirementA potting medium that has peat moss, sand, and pine bark in the ratio of 2:1:1 is ideal. Also, make sure that the soil is well-drained.
Envoirnment The optimum temperature that this plant should have is between 18 to 26C. A window will allow it to have about 6 hours of indirect sunlight that it needs without burning the plant.
WateringWater the plant regularly during summer. From spring through fall, water the plant every two weeks. Allow the soil to become slightly dry before you water the plant again.




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