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Pattar chatt


  • Scientific Name: Kalanchoe pinnata
  • Common Name: Miracle Leaf, Pattar Chatt
  • Description: It is a succulent perennial herb or small shrub which is found almost throughout Pakistan.  It grows 3-5 ft in height and leaves are smooth, thick, fleshy and with brown crenate margins, from which plant produces new plantlets.
  • Uses: Pattarchatt is a popular houseplant can easily grow in pots. It also helps with cough, arthritis, hypertension and headaches. Stem and leaves of this plant contains significant chemicals which are most required in medicinal industry. The leaves are useful in burns, boils, bites of insects.
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SeasonsAll Seasons
Soil RequirementTo grow pattarchatt plant in pot use a standard succulent or cactus potting mix. Prefers well-drained and well- aerated potting soil, such as 60% peat moss and 40% perlite.
EnvironmentPrefers a sunny spot but can also tolerant of some shade. It can thrive in a spot where it gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. This plant can also do well indoor in bright indirect light. Ideal growing temperatures are 15-30°C.
WateringAllow the whole soil to dry before watering. Water moderately from fall to winter when the growth is most active. Reduce watering during the hottest summer months. It needs water every 12 days interval.


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