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Pencil Cactus


  • Scientific Name:Euphorbia tirucalli
  • Common Name:Indian tree spurge, Milk bush, pencil tree
  • Description:Pencil cactus is a succulent shrub with thick branches that split into long, narrow stems about as thick as a pencil. Small yellow flowers grow at the end of the stems. The stems are slim and have tiny teeth but no major apparent foliage.
  • Uses:It is used in traditional medicine by many cultures t cure cancer, swelling, tumors, and warts.
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Blooming TimeSpring-Summer
Soil RequirementIt prefers sandy and well-drained soil with acidic or neutral ph.
EnvironmentIt prefers direct sunlight or plenty of bright ambient light from the window.
WateringWater the plant more than once daily during the growing season. In winter, water only once a month.


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