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Polyantha Rose / Pink Rose


  • Scientific Name: Rosa Multiflora
  • Common Name: Gulab, Ghulab,  Multiflora Rose, Baby Rose, Japanese Rose, Seven-Sisters Rose, Eijitsu Rose And Rambler Rose.
  • Description: Polyanthas are generally low-growing, bushy plants, averaging 18 to 24 inches in height. They have small leaves and dense clusters of small flowers on short stems in shades of white, pink, red, and orange. The blooms may be single, semi-double, or double.
  • Uses: Planted along walkways, mixed with other perennials in the perennial garden, massed as a ground cover, pruned into colorful hedges, grown as climbers on a trellis, placed in containers for indoor and outside use on patios and porches, and displayed in hanging baskets. As commercial cut flower crops.


Blooming TimeMay-October
Soil RequirementThe ideal soil for rose flowers should be medium loam having sufficient organic matter, proper drainage and pH of 6.0 to 7.0. The soil should be thoroughly dug or ploughed 20-30 cm deep and kept open to sun for at least 15 days.
EnvoirnmentAn ideal climate for roses is 20-30°C with a relative humidity. Roses do not go fully dormant in Lahore but are semi dormant in winter months.
WateringRoses are very fond of water and require one to two inches of it every week.




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