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Rubber Plant Green


  • Scientific Name: Ficus Elastica
  • Common Name: Rubber Fig, Rubber Bush, Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant.
  • Description: Rubber plants are grown for their glossy, leathery, large leaves. The leaves are oblong to oval, 8 to 12 inches long and in dark green or green color.
  • Uses: Rubber Plant Has No Allergic Properties, Helps Purify Air, Requires Low Maintainance, Easy To Grow, Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
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Soil RequirementCan tolerate a variety of potting mixes but will thrive in one containing one part peat or potting soil, one part pine bark, and one part coarse sand or perlite.
EnvironmentRubber plants grow best in warm temperatures between 20 and 27 degrees celsius, but during the winter they can survive temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius.
WateringRubber plants need to be watered every 5-7 days. However, it depends on many factors like the size of the plant, temperature, sunlight, pot size, and more.



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