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Song of India


  • Scientific Name: Dracaena reflexa
  • Common Name: Song of India, Dracaena
  • Description: Song of India plants are described as variegated because the leaves are multicolored with bright green centers and yellow margins. Leaves are lance-shaped and grow spirally around branches, up to one foot (30 cm.) long. Erect, multi-stemmed shrub, able to grow up to 2 – 6 m tall.
  • Uses: Song of India is included in the list of air-purifying plants. It remove toxins from the air which are responsible for different health problems. It is a good luck bringer houseplant.
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Soil RequirementSong of India likes a nice, light, airy, quickly draining potting soil. Heavy soil will lead to root rot. Add a bit of sand, perlite, or vermiculite.
EnvironmentThe Song of India needs low to medium, indirect sunlight. Never place the plant in direct sun, as the rays can scorch the leaves.
WateringSong of India doesn’t need much water or care. “A watering just twice a week if used indoors and three times a week if outdoors will do well.



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