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String of Bananas


  • Scientific Name:Senecio radicans syn, Curio radicans
  • Common Name:String of Banana, Banana vine
  • Description:The string of Bananas is a close relative of the famous string of succulent pearls. This plant is recognized for its quick growth and low maintenance requirements.. The Banana shaped leaves of the string of Bananas tend to grow on hanging and long tendrils. This plant is also great as a hanging decoration. This plant is also great as a hanging decoration house plant. It can also thrive outdoors in an area with light shade.
  • Uses:They are popular as ornamental plants. They can brighten a home, help purify the air, improve your home’s humidity, add fresh oxygen to your environment, and improve your focus.
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Soil RequirementA string of Bananas need well-draining soil, available as a succulent potting mix. You can also use one-part perlite and the one-part sand to create the perfect soil for this succulent.
EnvironmentThey grow well in average household temperatures and humidity levels. Ensure that the plant is kept away from heat/air conditioning vents and drafty or cool windows so it is not exposed to extreme temperatures.
WateringString of Bananas are drought-tolerant plants that need watering with a good soak around once every 14 days.


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