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Syngonium (سنگونیم)


  • Scientific Name: Syngonium Podophyllum
  • Common Name: Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine, Arrowhead Ivy, Pink Allusion.
  • Description: It is an evergreen plant that typically grows to 3-6′ long. As a houseplant, it is typically grown for its attractive ornamental foliage which changes shape as the leaves mature.
  • Uses: Excellent Air Purifier. This beautiful plant is not just eye-candy but also has the quality to clean the indoor air you breathe. Boosts Humidity and Reduces Dry Air. A Great CO2 Absorbing Plant,an ideal houseplant.
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Soil RequirementSyngonium plants prefer an acidic potting medium with a pH level of between 5.5 and 6.5. The potting soil should be rich in nutrients and have excellent drainage.
EnvironmentBest indoor plant for low light conditions. Syngonium prefers warm and humid condition to grow.
WateringSyngonium needs to be watered regularly, two to three times a week during the season, with room-temperature water and ideally non-calcareous. Rainwater is good.



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