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Tall Umbrella Grass (امبریلا گراس)


  • Scientific Name: Cyperus Eragrostis
  • Common Name: Tall flatsedge, nutgrass, tall nutgrass, umbrella sedge, chufa, Earth almond.
  • Description: It is a green sedge with tall, erect stems, 10–90 cm in height. Long, thin, pointed leaves radiate from the top, similar to parasol ribs. Its flowers are found within tough, rounded, greenish-yellow or beige spikelets. Fruiting is in the summer.
  • Uses: These tubers make an excellent meal, either raw or steamed. They are hard and crisp when eaten raw. Used to treat various clinical conditions at home such as diarrhea, diabetes, pyresis, inflammation, malaria.
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Soil RequirementUse a light, well-draining soil that is enriched with organic material.
EnvironmentUmbrella houseplants need moist, warm conditions such as those around an indoor pond. In bright sun, the plant will be compact and the stems closely packed. Under shady conditions plants will grow higher and be composed of fewer stems and larger leaves giving a more graceful aspect.
WateringIt requires water at an interval of 7-14 days or as the soil becomes dry. It is flexible about watering but will be more tolerant of dry soil than overwatering. Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering and drooping leaves are a sign it needs more water.


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