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  • Scientific Name:Tamarindus indica
  • Common Name:Meethi Amli, Tamarind, Asam Jawa, Tamarindo, Imli, Ambli.
  • Description:Tamarind tree can grow up to 25m tall with a spread of 12 m. The tamarind tree remains green throughout the year in areas that do not experience a dry season. Its wood comprises hard, dark red heartwood and softer, yellowish sapwood. Additionally, its leaves are composed of 10 to 18 leaflets.
  • Uses:Tamarind fruits are used for fresh consumption and the preparation of juices, sauces, jams, beverages, and syrups. It’s also a beautiful addition to the home garden.
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Blooming TimeApril-July
Soil RequirementIt grows well in deep, loamy, and well-drained soils, which are slightly acidic. It grows in pH levels around 4.5-9.
EnvironmentIt can be grown only in full sun or moist. Young plants can’t withstand the cold. It is grown in a hot and humid environment.
WateringWater it when the first inch of soil is dry to the touch. Once matured, it doesn’t need maximum watering. We can water it after every two weeks.


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