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Terminalia Variegated


  • Scientific Name: Terminalia mantaly tricolor
  • Common Name: Umbrella Tree, Terminalia
  • Description: Terminalia variegata is a deciduous or evergreen tree with conspicuously layered branches, growing 10 – 20 m tall. Bark smooth, mottled pale grey with protruding brownish lenticlels. Leaves slightly glossy green with creamy white or yellow color.
  • Uses: Suitable as ornamental tree along streets and in parks, due to formal neat appearance, especially majestic if planted in masses. Used for reforestation in native Madagascar. Fast-growing on good sites. Bark & wood used for treating dysentery, dyeing & tanning. The bark and wood are astringent. They are used in the treatment of dysentery. The tree is used in reforestation schemes.
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SeasonsAll Seasons
Soil RequirementIt is best grown in acidic, moderately fertile, sandy, moist but well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates a wide range of soils and is salt tolerant.
EnvironmentIt needs to grow in full sun. It can tolerate temperature between 18- 35 0C.
WateringNormal watering means that soil should be kept evenly moist and watered regularly, as conditions require. This plant like 1 inch of water a week


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