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Ficus Triangularis


  • Scientific Name: Ficus triangularis
  • Common Name: Triangle Fig, Triangle Ficus
  • Description: Variegated Ficus triangularis delivers dramatic leaf patterns, making this handsome houseplant showy enough to display on its own. This highly ornamental shrub is generously covered with foliage, distinctly triangular-shaped with rounded edges. Set a young plant on a table, then as it matures, let it shine as a floor plant. Slow-growing, it will eventually reach several feet tall, but you can prune it as much as you want to control its size.
  • Uses: Ficus triangularis makes an eye-catching houseplant. It’s long-lived and low-maintenance, too. It is used in front of the border planting, foundation shrub, accent in a mixed bed, on each side of the entry or a gate, lining a drive, carport or walkway and along a fence. fronting taller hedge shrubs.
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SeasonsAll Season
Soil RequirementA ficus needs well-draining, fertile soil. Soil-based potting mixes should work well for this plant and provide the nutrients it needs. A good quality peat-based mix that drains well & provides plenty of aeration best for ficus.
EnvironmentThe Ficus triangularis likes warm, humid climate and bright, indirect sunlight. If there is a lot of sunlight in summer, you may need to provide some shade for your plant. It can tolerate temperatures as low as 10°C but it will not do well in cooler climates.
WateringFicus plants need consistent, but moderate watering throughout the growing season, with dry spells in the winter. Make sure soil is just moist, not dry or drenched, at all times. It also prefers to dry out some between watering, but do not let the soil completely dry out. We recommend that you water your tree every 5 to 7 days, or when the top inch of soil is dry.


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