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Turtle Vine


  • Scientific Name: Callisia repens
  • Common Name: Inchplant, Bolivian Jew, Turtle Vine
  • Description: Turtle vine is a fast-growing perennial that grows to a whooping length of 20 inches per year in ideal conditions. It has a spread of 3 m both horizontally and vertically that looks attractive in both containers and hanging baskets when mature. It has thick and small-sized foliage
  • Uses: The turtle vine is primarily used for ornamental purposes. Growing turtle vine is easy in both indoor and outdoor, and that’s what makes turtle vine a valued ornamental houseplant. This vigorous plant creeps along the soil surface and the stems eventually cascade over the edge of the container. The purple stems and undersides of the green leaves add to its appeal and become more pronounced in cooler temperatures.


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Soil RequirementIt’s key to choose a peat based potting mix that will offer adequate moisture but also drains fast enough to prevent the roots from sitting in water. I don’t recommend using a standard potting mix unless you amend it with perlite or other substrate that encourages better drainage.
EnvironmentIt enjoys full sun to partial shade as its light requirement. In low light conditions, the plant can become straggly, so don’t keep this plant in a location with little to no light.
WateringThe Turtle vine plant enjoys damp and moist soil during its growing season. Water the plant moderately to keep the soil consistently damp but avoid overwatering or allowing the potting mix to completely dry out.



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