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  • Scientific Name:Verbena official’s
  • Common Name:Verbena, Brazilian vervain,Verveine.
  • Description:Verbena is an herbaceous flowering plant and may be annual or perennial depending upon the species.The flowers are small,with five petals, and borne in dense spikes.The leaves are usually opposite, simple,and in many spices hairy,often densely too.At maturity,it will develop a woody base.It is best for ground cover in parks and gardens.
  • Uses:IVerbena is used as a decoration or poultice,as an anthelmintic,to treat injuries, and,eaten raw,to strengthen bones and tendons.It is also used as green tea.
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Soil RequirementIt grows in soil amended with compost with good drainage.
EnvironmentVerbena requires a place that receives full sunlight throughout the day.It also needs good air circulation.
WateringAfter planting verbena,water it first 1 or 2 weeks.When it is grown, Water it once a week is enough.During heatwaves or droughts,plant may need Water twice a week or more.


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