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Herbs And Shrubs

Herbs and Shrubs are very popular houseplants. Both type of plants have very great values in our life. Herbs play a vital role in medicine industry, while Shrubs have their ornamental value.


Herbs are short-sized plants with soft, green, gentle stems without woody tissues. They complete their life cycle within one or two seasons. Generally, they have few branches or are branchless. These can be easily uprooted from the soil. Herbs have many nutritional benefits, including vitamins and minerals, to make them a part of a healthy balanced diet. Tomato, lemon grass, ajwain, mint and bananas are a few examples of herbs. The woody plants continue to grow all their lives while the herbs are annual, biennial or perennial and cannot withstand harsh climatic conditions. Herb is a fragrant element with good scents and tastemakers for a variety of meals. Herbs are not only used to prepare dishes, but they also have many medical benefits. Herbs are used to cure and prevent diseases for example heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Herbs are grown all over the world.

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Any woody plant that has several stems and is typically less than 3 m (10 feet) tall. When much-branched and bushy, it may be called a bush. Usually, shrubs are distinguished from trees by their height and multiple stems. Some shrubs are deciduous and others evergreen. These are used as ornamental and conservative plants. They can grow outdoors in variety of climatic conditions. The popular hibiscus is grown as a houseplant and also as outdoor ornamental. Some common examples of shrubs are Croton, Lemon, Tulsi, Rose, Jasmine, China Rose, Lantana and Marwa.

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Difference Between Herbs and Shrubs:



Herb is smaller plant than shrubs.Shrub is taller than herbs
It has single stem.It have multiple branches.
Have thin and tender tissue.Have strong and wood tissue.
These are annual, biennial, and perennial.These are usually perennial.
Have non-woody and soft stems.Have woody and rigid stems.
Can be easily uprootedCannot be as easily uprooted as herbs.
For Example; Lemon Grass, Tulsi, Basil, Ajwain, etc.For Example; Orange, Rose, Peach, Lavender, etc.


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