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Acalypha Red


  • Scientific Name:Acalypha wilkesiana
  • Common Name:Red cattail,Copper leaf plant,Buntut Kucing,Ekor Kuching.
  • Description:It is an Annual growing plant that grows up to? 75cm in height.Its leaves are 2-8cm,Oval in shape, having three visible veins. Its Flowers grow on the spiked edges of leaves. Male Flowers are small and grow only on top of leaves. Female flowers are larger and triangular in shape.Fruits are small and covered in trichomes.
  • Uses:Acalypha is kept in patios and balconies to make the place look colorful and fresh.It is also helpful for digestion purposes and very effective against boils and skin eruptions.
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Soil RequirementIt grows in well-drained soil with a pH of (5.7).
EnvironmentIt grows well in partial shade locations,but leaf color develops best on plants kept in bright light.It prefers a position sheltered from strong winds.
WateringIt needs Water regularly but allows the soil to dry out between watering.


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