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African Hosta


  • Scientific Name:Drimiopsis maculata
  • Common Name:African false hosta,leopards ears,Injoba
  • Description:African hosta is a low-growing rosette of oblong leaves that arise directly from underground bulbs.The fleshy leaves are 4-6 long and are dotted with dark green to purple ink-like spots.The spots tend to be darker in the spring and often fade by the summer’s end
  • Uses:It is used as an excellent indoor house plant. It is used medicinally for stomach treble in children. It is also used for landscapes in ground covers and gardens.
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Soil RequirementIt grows best in fertile soil and full of organic matter.Avoid planting hostas in heavy clay soil,which lacks drainage
EnvironmentIt grows best outdoors with at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.
WateringWatering a hosta deeply will be imperative; on average, they require about an inch of Water each week.


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