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  • Scientific Name: Aloinopsis Luckhoffii
  • Common Name: Aloinopsis
  • Description: It is a low multi-branching succulent plant forming dense mats of clustered rosettes. Leaves are Thick, small knob-like dark blue-green.
  • Uses: Plant is used for ornamental houseplant indoor for its Foliage and floral beauty.
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Soil RequirementPrefer a sandy, sharply draining mix. Cacti or succulent potting mix is great. You can amend a regular potting soil with sand or pumice up to 50% to improve grittiness and drainage.
EnvironmentA sunny position brings out the best color of flowers. Maintain indoor temperatures above 20°C. Humidity: They will tolerate low levels of humidity with no harm, even preferring dryness to humid, damp conditions.
WateringThey are drought tolerant plants that store a lot of water in their knobby leaves and bulbous roots. Their soil should always be allowed to dry out entirely before watering thoroughly.



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