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Ant Plant


  • Scientific Name: Dischidia oiantha
  • Common Name: Dischidia, Button Bail, Ant Plant.
  • Description: Dischidia plants are native to tropical Asia and many species are grown as houseplants because of their ease of care, attractive leaves, and hanging growth habit. Its leaves are fleshy, oval and are succulent. Clusters of tiny white flowers located at the nodes of stems are showy.
  • Uses: It is a great houseplant and is very easy to care for. Perform well in hanging baskets or upwards on wooden trellises. It has unusual pouch-like modified leaves and tiny red flowers. Its leaves are attractive that may be puffy or fleshy. This plant can be cut and used to adorn wreaths and Christmas tree.
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SeasonsAutumn, Winter, Spring
Soil RequirementUse shredded bark or coconut husk as a substrate for preparing potting mix for this plant. These plants are grown best in a moist and porous growing medium. The most common material used is coconut husk chunks.
EnvironmentAnt plant require a humid and warm environment. It is great to grow this plant in a place that does not receive direct sunlight. These attractive and interesting plants are also produced indoors in cooler climates. They need a humid and well-ventilated spot with at least half a day’s exposure to filtered sunlight. They can also tolerate a couple of hours of direct sunlight.
WateringAllow the soil to dry out between waterings. Water the plant regularly 2-3 times a month. Too much water will cause the delicate roots of this plant to rot. Water only about every two or three days in warmer seasons.


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