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Cat’s Claw (بلی پنجہ بیل)


  • Scientific Name: Macfadyena unguis-cati
  • Common Name: Cat Claw,  Yellow Trumpet Vine, Funnel Creeper.
  • Description: Large woody vine that climbs and creeps aggressively. Flowers are yellow, bell-shaped. Leaves have 2 leaflets. Fruit is elongated, glossy green when young, dark brown as it matures.
  • Uses: Cat’s claw plant is used in traditional medicine for a wide range of purposes ranging from treating acne to arthritis.
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Soil RequirementThe soil should prefer moist and well-drained soil, but they’ll do well in virtually anything as long as it’s not soggy.
EnvoirnmentCat’s claw plants prefer full sun and will tolerate part shade. Cat’s claw vines are an extremely popular plant in hot and dry zones.
WateringAllow the surface of the soil around your bougainvillea vine to dry out between watering. Water aiming to thoroughly soak the soil around the roots. The watering interval will vary depending on the temperature and amount of wind. Avoid light watering that only moistens the surface of the soil.



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