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Chinese Croton


  • Scientific Name: Excoecaria cochinchinensis
  • Common Name: Excoecaria Bicolor, Chinese Croton, Esokaria, Laila Majnu
  • Description: It is a very colorful evergreen shrub with a woody stem and with arching branches, growing up to 1–2 m tall. Its leaves are lanceolate in shape, opposite arrangement, about 7 – 10 cm long, green on the top and maroon underneath. The flowers are small and greenish so not showy.
  • Uses: It is widely cultivated as a garden plant for its beautiful leaves. Good for screening, hedges and borders. Hanging or weeping growth habit. Grows best in humid and warm regions. Mostly grown as houseplant in pots and containers. Yet it is considered poisonous but still it has beneficial uses as an antiparasitic, antipruritic, and haemostatic treatment.
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SeasonsAll Seasons
Soil RequirementThe Soil must be loose, permeable and fertile. It should be well-drained and nutrient-rich. Add organic matter such as manure, peat moss or garden compost.
EnvironmentA bright dim sunlight is needed. The direct sun in the morning and shading during the day on hot sunny days. grows better in the summer in the shade. In general, a temperature of 25-30°C and high humidity are preferable.
WateringWater the plant regularly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season. Water when the top soil (3-4 inch) in pot feels dry to touch. Apply water probably in the morning or evening time. Do not overwater the plant.


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