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Dracaena Draco


  • Scientific Name: Dracaena draco
  • Common Name: Dragon Tree, Drago
  • Description: Dracaena draco is a unique-looking slow growing evergreen plant with rosettes of attractive sword-shaped, green leaves 2 ft. in length. The leaves grow long, curly and hang down, giving the plant its “ponytail” appearance.
  • Uses: It is a very unique and elegant ornamental houseplant plant mostly used in offices, buildings, beds and borders, city gardens, gravel gardens and succulent gardens. The bark and leaves produce a resin called dragon’s blood, which has been used as a dye.
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SeasonsAll Seasons
Soil RequirementFor growing dracaena draco in pots use loose, well-aerated, fast draining potting mix. A succulent or cactus potting mix is good.
EnvironmentIt needs bright indirect sunlight throughout the year, whether grown indoors or outdoors. It can also grow on partially shaded areas  but the leaves will look their best in bright, indirect sun.
WateringWater dracaena draco frequently and thoroughly from spring to fall.  Always water the soil, not the leaves and if they are dusty, clean them with a damp cloth. Take care of overwatering which can cause root rot.


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