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Hyacinth (سنبل کا پھول)

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  • Scientific Name: Hyacinthus Orientalis
  • Common Name: Hyacinth, Dutch Hyacinth, Garden Hyacinth
  • Description: Hyacinth, is a hardy, perennial, bulbous herb with basal, narrowly strap-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers that rise on an erect stalk.
  • Uses: Hyacinths are famous for their pleasant fragrance. They also grow very well in pots, meaning once they’re in bloom you can move them wherever you’d like, perfuming a patio, a walkway, or a room in your house.
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Blooming TimeNovember-Feburary
Soil RequirementHyacinth bulbs are not particular about soil pH, but they do best in soil that is loose and well-drained and will not tolerate wet soils.
Envoirnment Hyacinths can tolerate freezing temperatures. They must have cold temperatures of 12°C – 23°C. If temperatures in your area do not get this cold
WateringWater your Hyacinth every two to three days. Too much water is no good for the roots



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