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Hypericum (پیلی بوٹی)


  • Scientific Name: Hypericum Perforatum
  • Common Name: Saint John’s Wort, Peli Buti, Taku Jari.
  • Description: An upright perennial with showy, star-shaped, yellow flowers,  (2.5 cm), from early to late summer. Borne in pyramidal clusters, they are produced in great numbers, up to 25–100 per stem.
  • Uses: Hypericum have been used since ancient times as herbal remedies. This species has been used traditionally to reduce muscle spasms and for the treatment of asthma. Commonly used for ornamental reasons and landscaping.
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Blooming TimeJune-October
Soil RequirementThey grow well in almost all soil types but avoid highly acidic or alkaline ones.
EnvoirnmentThey grow best in partial shade and but tolerate full shade and full sun well.
WateringWater slowly and deeply after planting and keep the soil moist until the transplants are well-established.



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