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Kochia (کوچیا)


  • Scientific Name: Bassia Scoparia
  • Common Name: Burningbush, Ragweed
  • Description: A short-lived, upright, small shrub or herbaceous plant growing 25-200 cm tall,its stems, leaves and flowers are initially green in color.
  • Uses: Kochia is grown as a forage crop for sheep and cattle and as an ornamental.
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SeasonsSpring-Early Summer
Soil RequirementPrefer soils that are light, loamy, and airy, well-drained high organic matter soil.
EnvironmentRelatively cold hardy. It can be planted when soil temperatures are as low as 50°F.
WateringPlants that grow in the ground should be watered regularly specially during periods of prolonged drought and in summer. Potted Kochia plants need abundant supplies of water.



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