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(Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer) Bio-Stimulant



  • Liquid seaweed serves as excellent nourishment for plants.
  • It is rich in various minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, acting as natural growth stimulants.
  • These unique nutrients stimulate the growth of plant cells, leading to stronger, healthier, and more disease-resistant plants.
  • Anticipate an enhanced absorption of nutrients from the soil

Function and Benefits

  • Controls and balances plant growth, preventing excessive branch growth and reducing the need for pruning.
  • Enhances leaf growth and photosynthesis, facilitating nutrient accumulation, transport, and storage.
  • Encourages budding and flowering, reducing the occurrence of bud, flower, and fruit drop, as well as abnormal or rotten fruit.
  • Promotes the development of fruits with good shape, vibrant coloration, high sugar content, and extended storage life.
  • Minimizes the occurrence of physiological diseases like small or yellow leaves, arbuscular, fruit shrinkage, bitter pit, and other nutrient deficiency-related issues.
  • Acts as a repellent against sucking insects, curbing the spread of viruses caused by worms, phytoplasma, and bacterial diseases.
  • Regulates soil pH, enhances soil physical structure, retains moisture and fertility, and fosters the growth of beneficial microorganisms.


  • Dark Brown Liquid


  • Mix 10 ml per liter of water.


  • It is recommended to apply in the morning or evening for optimal results.
  • If it rains within 8 hours after application, consider re-spraying for continued effectiveness.


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