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Living Stone (لیونگ سٹون)


  • Scientific Name: Lithops Marmorata
  • Common Name: Flowering Stone or Stoneface, Stone Plant
  • Description: Lithops are small plants, rarely getting more than 2.5 cm. above the soil surface and usually with only two leaves. The thick, padded leaves resemble the cleft in an animal’s foot or just a pair of green- to grayish-brown stones clustered together.
  • Uses: They are popular as ornamental plants, can help to purify the air, improve your focus.
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Soil RequirementLithops require well-drained soil, much the same as cactus. Add sharp sand, perlite, decomposed granite or other gritty material.
EnvironmentThe best results are obtained in an environment with additional heat such as a greenhouse. In hotter climates, Lithops will have a summer dormancy when they should be kept mostly dry.
WateringBe aware that for some Lithops, watering may only be necessary 3 or 4 times a year. For others, you can water them every couple of weeks during their growing seasons.



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