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Lucky Bamboo


  • Scientific Name: Dracaena sanderiana
  • Common Name: Curly Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo
  • Description: The Lucky Bamboo plant has naked branches that end in tufts of long, thin leaves. As the plant ages, the growing leaves eventually develop into the plant stalk. For this reason, once the stalk is cut, it will no longer grow taller.
  • Uses: The bamboo plants are considered as lucky plants. It is believed that the bamboo plant helps in the movement of positive energy, in turn, generating more abundance and prosperity. Lucky bamboo is often used for decoration.
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Soil RequirementLucky bamboo can be grown in well-drained, rich potting soil. The soil should be kept moist, but not soaking.
EnvironmentLucky bamboo prefers a temperature range of (18–35°C). The best growing conditions for a lucky bamboo plant is to keep it warm and indoors, preferably in a well-lit room.
WateringWater the plant two or three times each week to keep it healthy. It is also advised to change the water every 8 to 10 days to keep the plant in a perfect condition.



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