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  • Scientific Name: Thaumatophyllum xanadu
  • Common Name: Cut Leaf Philodendron, Philodendron
  • Description: This classic plant is among the most popular houseplants, and considered one of the easiest to grow. Philodendrons, also commonly known as lacy leaf philodendron. It requires space to grow them indoors, as they tend to spread wide. They grow to a height of approximately three feet, but its width can be nearly twice its height.
  • Uses: Used as foundation plant, surrounding palms and trees, accent plant for a tropical garden bed, lining a walkway or drive, along the edge of a porch, patio or deck, in rows in front of a taller hedge, in a container for patio, pool cage or screened lanai.
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Soil RequirementIt likes to be grown in a well-draining soil rich in organic content. A good soil mixture for this plant is a combination of peat moss or coco coir and compost mixed with perlite.
EnvironmentProvide the plant with bright indirect sunlight, temperatures ranging from 75-85F, with moderate to high humidity levels.
WateringIt likes to be watered deeply and all of its excess water drained through its container holes. You should allow about half of this plant’s soil to dry completely before re-watering again. Watering too frequently can cause issues such as yellowing of the leaves.



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