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Rose (گلاب)


  • Scientific Name: Rosa Indica
  • Common Name: Gulab, Ghulab
  • Description: Roses are erect, climbing, or trailing shrubs, the stems of which are usually have thorns. The leaves are alternate and pinnately compound (i.e., feather-formed), usually with oval leaflets that are sharply toothed.
  • Uses: Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops. Some are used as landscape plants, for hedging.
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Blooming TimeJune-October
Soil RequirementThe ideal soil for rose flowers should be medium loam having sufficient organic matter, proper drainage and pH of 6.0 to 7.0. The soil should be thoroughly dug or ploughed 20-30 cm deep and kept open to sun for at least 15 days.
EnvoirnmentAn ideal climate for roses is 27°C with a relative humidity. Roses do not go fully dormant in lahore but are semi dormant in winter months.
WateringRoses are very fond of water and require one to two inches of it every week.



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