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String-Of-Pearls Plant (سڑنگ آف پرل)


  • Scientific Name: Senecio Rowleyanus
  • Common Name: String-Of-Pearls Or String-Of-Beads
  • Description: String of pearls is a vine, flowering succulent. Its round leaves, which look like little peas, store water; this makes the plant drought-tolerant and happy hanging in a window of your home. It can also thrive outdoors in an area with light shade.
  • Uses: They are popular as ornamental plants. They can brighten a home, can help to purify the air, improve the humidity of your home, add fresh oxygen to your environment, improve your focus.
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Soil RequirementGive this houseplant a well-draining sandy soil, preferably the type most suitable for growing cacti and succulent plants. Pot your plant in a hanging basket so its trailing foliage can hang down.
EnvironmentString of Pearls succulent should be kept at average indoor temperature of 20°C – 30°C. During winter, keep the plant at cool temperature – around 10°C – 15°C.
WateringString of pearls are drought tolerant plants that need watering with a good soak around once every 14 days.



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