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Torch Plant (لیس ایلو)


  • Scientific Name: Aristaloe Aristata
  • Common Name: Lace Aloe,Guinea-Fowl Aloe
  • Description: The lace aloe is grown primarily grown for its attractive succulent rosettes of yellow spots and white bumps on dark green leaves with lacy edges and soft white spines.
  • Uses: They are popular as ornamental plants. It is also frequently used as a houseplant in smaller containers. can help to purify the air, improve the humidity of your home, add fresh oxygen to your environment, improve your focus.
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Soil RequirementDry soil or cactus mix is more suitable and will keep the plant upright and healthy for long. To improve soil drainage, you can always add perlite, vermiculite, or pumice.
EnvironmentRequire bright, indirect light when grown indoors. Too little light will result in etiolation, or stretching out.
WateringIt’s best to keep watering the soil in the pot regularly if you want the roots to remain moist. When the plant is fully grown, you should water it less often but make sure the soil doesn’t lose moisture completely.



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