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African Daisy

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  • Scientific Name: Osteospermum Fruticosum
  • Common Name: South African Daisy, Cape Daisy, Cape Marigold, Blue-Eyed Daisy, Or Sunscape Daisy.
  • Description: It is a perennial herbaceous plant with short creeping rhizomes and rosettes of small rounded or spoon-shaped leaves that are from 2–5 cm long and grow flat to the ground. The species habitually in lawns, and is difficult to eradicate by mowing – hence the term ‘lawn daisy’.
  • Uses: Grown as ornamental plants in gardens.  it has been used in traditional medicine in Europe since the Middle Ages to treat bruises, broken bones, muscle pain. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads or cooked.
Attribute Information
Blooming Time Feburary-May
Seasons Spring-Summer-Winter
Soil Requirement Use a mix of organic matter, including sand, peat moss, and manure compost.
Envoirnment They thrive in cool and moist climates, so plant in partial shade in areas with hot summers, and full sun in cooler climates.
Watering They are not drought-tolerant. Water the plant regularly, keeping the soil moist while avoiding letting the plant sit in water.



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